4 Affordable Carpet Cleaning Methods to Increase Life of Your Carpets

Carpeted flooring is not a recent flooring option rather it has been preferred by many for centuries. Styles, colors and textures of carpets are outnumbered in market. People love to decorate homes with trendy carpets. People use fancy small sized carpets in their offices and homes even if they have tiled floors. They enjoy neatness of tiles side by side classic touch of carpets. Cleaning process of carpets is not an easy-peasy job which is the only point of concern for carpet lovers. People often fail to clean their carpets because they are unaware of the tricks to handle fabric and type of colors used in their carpets. Dirty carpets leave you just one way out that is to replace them. Replacing a carpet is not affordable for everyone. There are practical methods that bring you affordable carpet cleaning in Irvine CA.

#1. Use Carpet Shampoos

Carpet shampoos are very effective and cheap cleaning method for people having budget constraints. You can select shampoo from any grocery store and apply it on your carpet. Shampoo collects all dirt and dust particles and gets dry after some time. You do not have to disrupt or step on the carpet when shampoo has been applied. When shampoo completely dries up you have to use your vacuum cleaner and remove all dried up shampoo with it. This method will remove dust and condition the fibers of the carpet at the same time. Precautions that you need to take are

  • Check the expiry date of shampoo
  • Use a mild shampoo
  • Do not try to remove shampoo before it dries

#2. Try Dry Powders

Dry powder for carpet cleaning are like powder detergents. They are easily available in market and are quite affordable. These powders can be used to remove oil spots from your carpets. Try dry powders before calling carpet restoration services in Irvine CA. Spread dry powder on the stain of oil and let it be there for a while. Powder will absorb oil from carpet and cleaning agents of powder will help you to get spotless carpet again. Use your daily vacuum cleaner to remove powder after sufficient time. It is one of best affordable cleaning methods because it needs no water. Precaution that you need is

  • Never allow your pet or toddler to visit area where you have spread dry carpet powder
  • Always use a vacuum cleaner to remove powder else it will spread in air and cause health hazards

#3. Remove Stains with Vinegar and Detergent

Carpets are thick and coarse which makes it impossible to wash them in washing machines. If you have dropped something on carpet then it is best to clean that area rather than washing whole carpet. Make solution of liquid detergent with vinegar and water. Apply this solution to stained carpet and rub with a brush. Vinegar has fabric conditioning properties. It will keep carpet color and texture of carpet intact. Only precaution that you need is

  • Never let pet or kids inspect the area where you have applied solution

#4. Use Vacuum Cleaner Properly

There are many solutions to your carpet problems hidden in your carpet cleaning vacuum. People either never read the catalog provided with vacuum or they read it hastily. One of the solution to remove dust from your carpet is to use the vacuum cleaner slowly. Its slow movement will allow carpet fibers move and dust will come out from inaccessible parts of your carpets. There are also provided nozzles of different shapes and varying sizes. Use these nozzles to clean carpet under your furniture.

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