How To Completely Dry Your Wet Carpets

Dry Your Wet Carpets

Sometimes due to excessive rain or humidity, our carpets may get damp and wet. Dry Your Wet Carpets becomes a huge problem since the dampness can lead to mildew growth. Moreover, it can also damage the carpets in our homes in California. You would have to pay a lot for the repair costs afterward. Hence, it is quite important to properly remove the water from the carpets. Otherwise, you would have to invest in Carpet Repair and Office Carpet Repair services can be really expensive.

How To Dry Your Wet Carpets

There is a complete process that you need to follow in order to dry the wet carpets. Here is how you should go by doing it.

Pumping Out The Water

The first and foremost step that you should take is to pump out all the water that remains on the carpets. You should do this as soon as possible. Use buckets, wipers, and mops for this task and get as many people as you can on this task. The sooner you do it the better it is for your house.

Sucking Up The Excess Water

There’s a vacuum made for this particular purpose. It allows you to soak up the water that is lying around in your offices and houses in California. Just be sure to be careful when using the appliance as it electrical.

Separate the Carpets From Your Flooring

You need to completely dry the carpets hence you need to remove the carpets from the flooring. That means you can allow more airflow to come inside and this can potentially lower the chances of mold growing in the floor. You need to be cautionary like this if you want to keep your offices and houses safe. You could even opt for professional companies offering Carpet Water Damage Repair in Granite Bay CA.

Dispose of the Carpet Padding

If water has entered your carpets, there is a great chance that the carpet padding is completely ruined. So, do not try to salvage it. It is better to just completely get rid of it. It would save you time later on.

The Actual Drying Process

Now, you finally can dry the carpets and the sub-flooring. What you need to do is use fans and air movers to dry the whole area. IT would also help if you open all the windows and doors of that area as it would speed up the drying process.

Sanitizing the Area

You have to be absolutely sure that there are no chances of mold in your sub-flooring as this can weaken your flooring. Therefore, you should sanitize the whole area of the sub-flooring. There are a lot of disinfectants you could use. Just be sure to choose the one that is not harmful.

Get New Carpet Padding

You need new carpet padding because water most likely ruins the current one that you do have. Get the new carpet padding installed by professionals and make sure you are using the right companies. Getting a brand new one is recommended by the experts.

Put the Carpets Back

After the carpets have completely dried up, you need to install the carpet back in the rooms and offices. Be sure to use a knee kicker for this task. Be sure to check the inspect if there is any damage on the carpet. If there is, replace that before you install it on the floor.

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