How to Choose Between Aluminum and Wood Fencing

Aluminum and Wood Fencing

Fencing adds grace and beauty to your home, however deciding on what fencing to choose can be tough at times. The two most common and extensively used fencing options are wood fencing and aluminum fencing. Each of the fencing material has its own pros and cons, and when you think which material will work best depends on where you are installing it and for what purpose you need a fence.

The below article covers all the pros and cons of both the fencing option, giving you ease to decide on the best material.

When It’s All About Appearance

With the idea of fence installation, the very first thing that comes into your mind is how it will look at your place. And to be honest, fences are designed to uplift the house appearance and to add a market value to your property. No matter what changes you make in your house, keeping the curb appeal is the most important thing you need to consider. After all, you are investing in something, it has to pay you back at any time of the life.

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For the long-lasting features, when you think of wooden fencing, remember that you are using all the wood and is a natural product. The wooden fence is installed in panels and each panel may differ in color, even slightly. That can be fixed with paint, but the irregularities cannot be hidden. Well, that all depends on personal preferences.

On the other side, aluminum will give a uniform look to your property. If you are so bound to regularities, you should choose aluminum fencing as replacing the panels would be easy. Aluminum fences give you a wide range of option with size, shapes, and designs that fit into the aesthetic.

When It’s About Maintenance

Another factor that you need to keep in mind is about the maintenance. Aluminum being one of the most low-maintenance fencing options, is popular among the house as it offers easy cleaning. You just need a wet mop or a cloth, wipe it and its clean. It sets you free from the repainting, only a few touchups are needed and your fence is again like a new.

Whereas, wood fences require a little more maintenance. They need proper sealing to cover the unfinished part and if not covered, it may lose its appearance. Cutting short, they need regular maintenance.

When It Comes To Usage

The last and foremost important thing is to decide on the basis of usage. Think of your basic purpose to install the fence. If privacy is your main goal, wood can be a better option as each panel is made of solid wood block, looking out the prying eyes. Whereas for other usages, aluminum is usually considered as a superior option.

Whether you choose to install an aluminum fence in Thompson’s Station TN or a wood fence, the choice is tough. Beyond these, there is a number of other factors that you need to consider before having a fence installed at your place. Both the fences serve the purpose of security, yet the rate of security is what you should think for.

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